What is a backed fabric? Let's enjoy winter coordinates with the fluffy material that keeps you warm!

The midwinter season has come again this year. It is the coldest time of the year, but we want to enjoy being as fashionable as possible...!

This is where theBack hairis✨

In this issue, we'll look at a winter fashion staple 👆.soft, downy underarm grip on opponent's beltI'll explain about the following!

We also have some backed items recommended by Noikis 🎵Please stay poka-poka in the cold winter ⛄💕.

What is urakimou?

What is a back-up?Fabric made by waking up the fibers of the backing and cutting the feathers to a certain length.It is.

To know the characteristics of the back-upLining.You should know that from ✊.

Sweatshirt fabric is a standard fashion material, and the front part of the fabric isOuter fabricThe back part isLining.It is called 👕.

this (something or someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or ideas expressed by the speaker)Lining.The part of theLining.andLined.The system is divided into the following categories.

  • fleece lining...... backed yarn knitted into loops. Most are made of 100% cotton. Highly absorbent.
  • soft, downy underarm grip on opponent's belt...... artificially modified to the backing. Polyester blends are common. Good heat retention.

Both lined and lined fabrics are characterized by their softness against the skin. Lined hair is the recommended material for sweaty sports and spring and fall, while lined hair is the recommended material for warmth in winter 😊✨.

It's important to use both lined and unlined depending on the temperature and your purpose 💕.

Advantages and disadvantages of backed-up hair

Advantages of Backing

The advantages of the back-up are...After all, its heat retention!Warm enough to fight even in the middle of winter.The perfect material for the cold seasonIt is 🔥✨

Backed fabrics, which can be worn alone to make you feel poka-poka, are incorporated into a wide range of items such as sweatpants, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

Not only is it hard to lose body heat, but it also protects you from the cold outside air 👏.

Disadvantages of Backing

It is lined with a warmer fabric, but compared to lined fabrics, it is more comfortable to wear.Easy to overdress when layeringThis is a disadvantage. It is not suitable for sports because it does not absorb water very well💦.

But with many brandsBacked sportswearare also being developed! Please select the item that best suits your purpose when wearing it✨.

Especially the backed innerwear and socks, perfect for the chilled out! 😘

Points to prolong the life of lined items

The fabric is hotter in the back than in the lining.Turn inside out and put in the net when washing.This makes it easier to take care of dirt. The key to longevity is to turn it over halfway through the drying process as well👆.

Also, if you just bought a new backed item, the fibers may adhere to other laundry. Please wash similar colored items together until the material settles down ✨.

If you pat it lightly before drying it in the shade, the fluffiness will last longer 🧦💖.

Noikis recommends 13 handsome and popular lined items!

Here are some particularly popular backed items at Noikis 😉🎵.

SEQUENZ Flower Foam Print Hoodie Hoodie BLACK [SALE][Products page(Japan)]
5500 yen (tax included)

The catchy design of the popular street brand "SEQUENZ"🌺 is interspersed with logos and illustrations with a hippie feel, and the brand's logo and illustrations are used on the back of the bags.Pop and cute lined hoodieIt is.

Kuromi Sanrio Jogger Pants Loungewear BLACKKuromi Sanrio Sweatshirt Lined Sweat Top BLACK[Products page(Japan)]
3850 yen (tax included)

These are my big break right now, the Chromi-chan trainers! Rocking black and fancy white, both are adorable 🐰💕.Recommended item for room dal wear.It is.

Sanrio Kuromi Lined Sweat Top WHITE3850 yen (tax included)[Products page(Japan)]
VISION STREET WEAR Fleece-Lined Stadium Cut Blouson Zip Hoodie BLUE [SALE][Products page(Japan)]
8800 yen (tax included)

Super popular blouson design this winter!It's also easy to incorporate into your street coordinate 💕Sporty design will make you look trendy 👆👆.

VISION STREET WEAR Lined Fur Sleeve Logo Print Pullover Hoodie GREEN Green [SALE] (Japanese only)[Products page(Japan)]
5500 yen (tax included)

Leave it to "VISION STREET WEAR" for street brands 🛹.Playful casual parkais sure to stand out in the city 🤩.Stylish and cool. ......!

VISION STREET WEAR Pullover Hoodie with Sleeve Logo Print GRAY GRAY [SALE]4950 yen (tax included)[Products page(Japan)]
VISION STREET WEAR Fleece-Lined Sleeve Logo Print Pullover Hoodie BLACK [SALE]5500 yen (tax included)[Products page(Japan)]
VISION STREET WEAR Fleece-lined field hockey sweatshirt GRAY GRAY [SALE].[Products page(Japan)]
5500 yen (tax included)

Also from "VISION STREET WEAR," sporty sweatshirts with an American hockey image are also popular 🌟.90's style and retro designis fashionable, isn't it?

VISION STREET WEAR Lined Hockey Trainers BLACK Black Black5940 yen (tax included)[Products page(Japan)]
MISHKA Keep Watch Ladies Leggings MAW200823W [SALE][Products page(Japan)]
6,600 yen (tax included)

They're thicker-lined leggings.Best heat retention to fight even in the middle of winterIt is a popular item that is not only 🔥✨warm but also catchy and will raise your fashion level to a higher level 🥰.

VISION STREET WEAR Fleece-backed Sweatpants with Logo Embroidery CHARCOAL [SALE][Products page(Japan)]
3850 yen (tax included)

What is still indispensable isSimple sweat pants✊ Loom wear, street code, you name it! It goes great with hanstreetcodes.It's really handy to have one of those!!! ✨

ACDC RAG x KUMAKI Kintarou trainers PURPLE 4290 yen (including tax)[Products page(Japan)]

If you're looking for unique backed sweatshirts, this is it! This item is a collaboration with the popular Harajuku-style brand "ACDC RAG" 🌈.The volume of the sleeves is vintage chic--so cute!It's the heat retention you want to enjoy in the middle of winter ✨.

Warm + pretty = awesome, don't you think!

It's not just for winter, it's perfect for chilly spring and fall 💕.

With back-filled items, even in winter, you can be fashionable and handsome on Poka Poka Day♡.

In this issue,Characteristics & Recommended Items of Warm Backed Fabrics in WinterWe introduced you to the following!

Smooth to the touch, the back of the fur makes you feel fuzzy and warm just by wearing it💗.Once you wear it, you won't be able to choose anything else for winter but the back up!It's so comfortable to wear that you'll think ✨

To enjoy fashion without holding back in the cold season, find your favorite lined item!