Who is Tim Sairenji? Exclusive interview with an idol produced by Yasuko Omori!

Now,underground idolindicates certainty, emphasis, etc.
Most Promising PresenceHuh?

This time, we are nowSuper, super, super hot underground idolTim Saionji."An exclusive interview with Chan!

Tim is a free explosion and sincere in his idol activities. In an exclusive interview with Neukis,Naked Honestyを聞かせてもらいました🎤💗

Who is Tim Sairenji?

Tim Sairenji-chan is,Produced by Yasuko OmoriTOKYO PINK MINDSで活躍中の地下アイドル💗

With cute visuals, rock fashion, and a powerful stage performance with the air of a veteran,The most powerful idol that fascinates everyone who sees it.がティムちゃんなんです✨

Don't miss the close-up video of the first one-man show!

Tim-chan is the former idol groupZsasz."and active until 2023.

After Zsasz disbanded, he auditioned for TOKYO PINK MINDS,He passed with flying colors out of 3,000 applicants from all over Japan!

After numerous challenges and experiences,Tim is now just beginning to ascend to a new stage.


Question on theme 1) about Tim Saigonji-chan!

First, please introduce yourself!

Idol produced by Yasuko Omori

Tim Sairenji.

What is the origin of the name "Tim Xirenji?"

Tim" was my original stage name that I used with great care, and "Sairenji" was given to me by Yasuko!
I love it because it matches the name of my favorite character named Ren in "NANA"!

What are your charm points?

Blonde hair, tattoos and a slightly narrow double handsome

What is your favorite music/artist?

I love the EMO Song!
Starting with Avril, EMO western youth punk around 2006-10 is still wearing on me!

If you had to describe yourself in one word, how would it be?

Zecchu Ekusutai☆Freedom Explosion Human

Question about theme 2) TOKYO PINK MINDS!

What kind of group is TOKYO PINK MINDS?

This idol group is produced by Yasuko Omori!
The four-member group passed the "TOKYO PINK Audition" held in 2023 from approximately 3,000 applicants!

They are still in the process of becoming a research student. The goal is to start with a 200-capacity live house and sell out before their debut, and after each show, the scale of capacity will increase, until finally they will make their official debut at the 1,000-capacity LIQUIDROOM!

Repeat one-man shows at the same live houses until the target number of tickets for each show is achieved. It is a hard road! We will do our best! Please support us!

How did you get involved with TOKYO PINK MINDS?

When I was accepted for the TOKYO PINK audition, I was asked to form a new idol group.

When I met the current members at the meeting, I really felt that "with these girls, I am sure we can aim for the top! and decided to join the company!

What were you doing before joining TOKYO PINK MINDS?

I was active for four years in an idol group called "Zsasz," sound produced by Utsu P, who produces Vocaloid songs!

These are the best memories of learning about the world of idols through physical experience and with irreplaceable friends. I am now making full use of everything I have experienced as MINDS!

What is the reason for "purple", Tim's color?

I used to like underground idols, and for some reason, many of the idols I was pushing for were in charge of purple. I had a strong yearning to be in charge of purple.

When I passed the audition and was assigned the purple color, a childhood friend said to me, "You've loved the color purple since you were little, Tim! I am happy to have been able to recover the foreshadowing of my life.

Can I go to TOKYO PINK MIND's live concert alone?

Of course! Everyone who comes to a live concert has their own favorite way to enjoy themselves! Live music clubs are not as scary as you might imagine, and the fans are very friendly, so even if you come alone, you can have fun! You can enjoy yourself even if you come alone!

If you have any problems, please contact the staff nearby and they will help you. Please feel free to come and visit us! We are looking forward to seeing you!

A word to all the fans!

Thank you for always supporting TOKYO PINK MINDS and Tim Sairenji!
I really, really love you guys ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡.

We have not yet made our debut, but if any of you who have already supported us are at all interested in reading this article, please come and see us at a live concert!
We are confident that you will not regret it, and that you will truly believe that "idol shows and live performances are fun! We are confident that you will truly believe that "idols and live performances are fun! Aim for it! We will definitely make our debut at LIQUIDROOM!

TOKYO PINK MINDS will continue to
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Theme 3) Question about fashion!

What is your passion for fashion?

I choose freely, being conscious of what is "my style!

What is your favorite fashion genre?

  • PUNK
  • EMO
  • grunge
  • y2k1 TP3Te41TP3 Te31 TP3T82

I love the punk and gal fashion of the 2000s!

What does it mean to get a tattoo?

He started getting tattoos because he wanted to "capture a beautiful picture on his body.

I love the antique designs that have not faded over the years, and I include them.


What brands do you like?

  • Vivienne Westwood
  • Naked Wolf
  • tripp nyc
  • drop dead
  • Creepy Gals Land
  • morph8ne

Do you have a role model?

  • NANA
  • Sugar Sugaroon chocolates
  • Chainsawman's Denji

Theme 4) Questions about Tim's daily life!

What are you into now?

I recently learned about Lulolomanic, a sort of enemy character of Sanrio's Cinnamon, and I think I'm going to be quite addicted to him! He is very cute and seems to be a character who lives in an upside-down dark world in the mirror of a western-style house on the outskirts of town! ♡♡♡

Remember the flying foxes?
I imagine they were in Chao's extra pages, but they were cute. I like Ruroromanic because it has a nostalgic, cute, dark look similar to that of the fubat.

Tell us about your favorite cartoon!

  • NANA
  • sugashugarn
  • chainsaw man
  • Tokyo Eclipse
  • Lychee☆Hikari Club
  • Love Con

Tell us about your favorite game!

  • Pocket Monster
  • Animal Crossing
  • Tale of the Past
  • Boku no Natsuyasumi 2 and 4
  • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story
  • Alice Madness Returns
  • Catherine.

What is your favorite type?

Sakurai Amber Ichi CV: Suwabe Junichi

Where do you use your cosmetics?

  • Dior
  • M.A.C.
  • YSL
  • Shu Emla
  • tarte
  • Fenty Beauty
  • flower Knows

Tell me about your specialty!

Exploding hot spring eggs made in a microwave oven🐤

What is the secret to Tim's cuteness?

No matter what people say, "I am beautiful! I'm pretty!" I tell myself in the mirror, "I am beautiful! And you don't have to rely on all the trendy things!
Absorb a little bit at a time and pursue [what you want to be, what you want to attract, what kind of pretty self you would love yourself to be]!

Then I can study the makeup I like, or the style that suits the clothes I want to wear, and I feel that I can get closer and closer to the ideal me that I have always envisioned!


Theme 5) Questions about idols!

How did you become an idol?

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a yearning for the entertainment industry and thought I was the one who should live my life as an expressive person! I really thought that I was a person who should live as an expressive person.

But I can't stay as a pure white person, even if it's a lie. The only place where I can shine and be active in the underground world is as an underground idol! So I became an idol.

Now I want to jump over that and say to more and more people and the world, "It's okay to be whatever you are! I want you to be who you are! and to prove that dreams can always come true.

Do you have an idol you admire?


As an idol, what is "something only you can do"?

It is to "go crazy with music! To be totally attached to the music and to express oneself with all one's might as if one were being controlled by the sound!

And most of all, my "stirring up" skills are second to none! I am confident that I can get any prepared stage or floor involved and excited! Don't miss my ad-lib MC!

What do you value most in your idol activities?

"Leave no one behind."

It is only with the audience on the floor that the live show is possible. There is no point in having fun just for us, so we have to involve the whole floor, everyone on the edge and those far away, and make it a festive atmosphere!

I believe that a live performance is not only for us, but also for the audience, and that a live performance becomes a live performance when we can truly enjoy it together with the audience. I believe that a live performance can only be called a live performance when the audience truly enjoys it together with us.

What kind of idol do you want to be in the future?

I want to be the "strongest bomb-selling idol" that transcends everything, regardless of age, nationality, or appearance!

I have not had a single past of which I can boast, and I have been living on the ground.

By singing, shouting, and delivering my songs on stage, I will make everyone who has a similar past to mine and everyone who has high expectations of me happy. I will become the one and only legendary idol who can do that! (Boom!)

Tim Sairenji is also a handsome, hands-on Neukis model.

Tim Sairenji-chan is,Neukis's modelとしても活躍してくれています💕

Please check out Tim-chan, who wears any item in a fashionable way!

Tim, who can wear anything rock-subculture, is too cool. ......

Tim Sairenji-chan's future activities are of great interest!

In this issue, we will focus on the much-hyped idolTim Saionji Temple.I asked her to be interviewed!

Tim is a member of theTOKYO PINK MINDSisScheduled to hold 2nd one-man show on April 25is✨

TOKYO PINK MINDS 2nd one-man show! to the end with mynds - the second round -"

  • Featuring: TOKYO PINK MINDS
  • Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024
  • Doors open 19:00 Concert begins 19:30
  • Venue: Shimokitazawa Shangri-La
  • 4-5, Kitazawa 2-chome, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Fee: 3,500 yen in advance (4,000 yen at the door)


If this article has made you curious about Tim-chan, please come to the show!Tim.Please go see the

It is unthinkable from a small body,Tim's bottomless power and charmを感じられるはずです🔥✨

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